"Pigadilly's. This is "the" place to go for ice cream."
- Yahoo News

"Best ice cream and awesome staff!"
- Aaron D., foursquare

"I just had Pigadilly's for the first time, and I loved it... The Carmel Cashew is a must have."
- Jennifer L., Yelp

" The ice cream is really great and they have tons of flavors."
- Nelly D., Yelp

"We found this little ice cream shop, Pigadillys, with so many unique combinations of ice cream, gelato and soft serve…Decadently delicious.  A must stop."
- Cszostah, Doylestown, Pa

"Finally, a place to get real cream softice.  We have been looking for a traditional softice, like in Europe, but couldn’t seem to find it.  Here we succeeded."
- Peter S, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Wonderful little shop with soft and hard ice cream as well as the best gelato ever!!"
- Jeannie, Plattsburgh, New York