Sweet, flavorful, elegant French cousin of the American pancake. Wonderfully light and thin with edges as delicate as Chantilly lace.  The perfect dessert for morning, noon, or evening for every season of the year.

Jack’s Crepe
Nutella with banana chunks and whipped cream

Summer's Crepe
Strawberries with whipped cream

Sugar crepe
With cinnamon or Carmel

Add a scoop (or two)
1 scoop $1
2 scoops $1.75

“I heard that Pigadilly’s was now serving crepes, so I came in today and tried one for the first time.  Warm toasty crepe perfectly made, strawberrys, fresh whip cream and a scoop of my favorite ice cream.  I’m not kidding it was the best crepe I’ve ever had.  Love this place so much!"
Jessica W.